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Life Coach References

“DuAnne Seeley was a valuable person who served faithfully on my pastoral staff at Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego. Her spiritual gifts are leadership, pastor/teacher, faith and evangelism. I recommend her to any woman who desires to grow in her walk with God, in her ministry and as a leader.”

-Dr. John Maxwell

“I believe God has gifted women, just as He has gifted men, in leadership. DuAnne Seeley is such a woman. She is committed to equipping others to become the person they were meant to be. I commend her to you, as a leader and as a leadership developer.”

-Dr. Tim Elmore, Growing Leaders

“DuAnne is the real deal. She cares about people and delivers the goods. The only thing bigger than her heart is her vision to help women grow as leaders. She will get the job done.”

-Dr. Dan Reiland, 12 Stone Church

“DuAnne has a heart for women and understands their unique combination of challenges at home, at work, as singles, as married, and as parents. I was her pastor for six years. For over 25 years, DuAnne has been building women into purposeful, motivated, effective, and fulfilled leaders for Christ, preparing them to be all they can be. I am excited about her ministry and vision.”

-Dr. Dennis Beatty

“I have known DuAnne for over 25 years and she has consistently shown herself to be a woman who loves God with all of her heart, a woman with deep condition and passion, and a woman with the gift of leadership that He has used to influence hundreds of lives. She will inspire and impact you.”

-Sheryl Fleisher, Willow Creek

“DuAnne Seeley is a visionary leader, not a dreamer or a theoretician,. Hundreds of women (and men) around the world have been led to Christ and equipped for kingdom service through her labors. She will help you grow in areas where you have longed to reach your potential. Even more significant is that God will use her to help you grow in areas where he has longed for you to reach your potential.”

-Fred Wevodau, The Navigators Metro Mission Director

Most of my working years were spent on staff at various churches and Christian organizations. I am where I am due to several amazing people who God brought into my life that helped me grow and develop. The above references were written by 6 people who graciously invested in my life.


My life passion is coaching women and helping them experience JOY. Life is full of trials. What I have learned is that Joy is not the absence of pain. Joy is the presence of GOD.