10 Reasons To Start Your Own Business

Do you need a job? Have you considered quitting your current job but not sure if it is the right decision?

Are you scared of failing? of going broke? The only way to delete the “what-ifs” is to try. It’s sad to see people stick to a 9-5 job because it makes you feel safe and secure. Starting your own business may sound scary but it is a sure way to get rid of the what-ifs in your life.

Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. But if you have thought about it, allow me to give you 10 reasons why you should start your own business.

1.Job Security

Working for someone else will never give you job security. Being your own boss is the best job security you can get. No one can fire me or lay me off. I never have to worry about being replaced. It’s a great feeling.

It is possible to lose a business due to physical illness. Prior to my current business I was a Director with Mary Kay Skin Care. After losing vision due to a retina tear I was no longer able to see well enough to perform my job. 6 months later I started my current small business which allowed for the flexibility I now require.

2. Reinvention

When my last child went to college last year I became an empty nester. I’ve always worked. But when my youngest went to school I had more time on my hands. For over 30 years I’ve been an entrepreneur so adding something new to my life was not difficult. I was ready for a new challenge. I purchased an art gallery that had not made a profit in 15 years. The gallery paid the bills but that was it. From my calculation I knew it could be profitable and I took a risk that has paid off.


Are you a new parent? Did you recently lose your spouse? Did you lose a job? Becoming a small business owner will allow you to reinvent yourself.

3. Money

Decide how much money you need or want to make and then start planning. I knew that changes needed to be made in my business to see the profit I wanted. I made a list and started implementing.

When you own a business you can set goals and then set a strategy to see your financial plan become a reality. When it doesn’t work then adjust your plan.

We finished the year with the highest November and December the previous owner had seen in her 15 years as owner. Change usually takes more time. Even if we had not achieved our goal I knew that the next year would be another opportunity to try again. It’s okay to give yourself time to see the success you want.

The key to seeing your financial goal becoming a reality is to make change. If nothing changes nothing changes.

4. Skills

One of the things you will learn when starting your own business is learning. Being an employee, you learn about your role and your industry. However, being your own boss, you have to learn everything — from marketing to accounting, operations, and finance. You will have to keep up-to-date with the new technology, tools, consumer trends, and industry news. You will learn like never before. Before you know it, you will become a lifelong learner who loves the challenge of learning about something new. You will take life as a progressive journey as you do with business.

There is no better way to develop skills than starting your own thing!

5. To become an expert

Starting your own business requires you to think on your feet a lot. Whether you start it on your own or with a business partner, you will have to make a decision without a boss or team members who are there for you bounce ideas of. Over and over, you will learn to make decisions independently and become more decisive as you grow. You will learn to trust your gut instinct because no one else knows your business like you do.

You will learn what works and what doesn’t.

It is a wonderful feeling to feel that every decision you make is solely dependent on you. You don’t need to compromise with different opinions from your boss and your colleagues anymore. You make your own decision and you are responsible for it.

Regardless of what your business is, as an entrepreneur, if you stick with it, you’ll become very good at what you do.

6. Motivation 

Surely this is one of the main reasons why people start their own thing. Nothing feels as exciting as following one’s passion and dreams. You might have a few sleepless nights because reality keeps you up with excitement — thinking about different ideas and strategy, stalking your competitors, and dreaming about the possible dream-come-true. Even during down times not making any sales, you’re still motivated to go to work, fix the bugs, pump up the sales, and make it happen. Because the business is yours and yours only. You’re not working for somebody else, so work hard and make it happen. The reward will be worth it.

7. To become more daring and fearless.

Starting one’s business can be scary for any first-time entrepreneur without wealthy parents backing them up. You have to believe in yourself and make daring decisions over and over. From deciding that you will not get a full-time job to investing in the business and making several business decisions on your own. Becoming an entrepreneur you will get rid of your self-limiting belief like never before. You will learn that nothing is to be scared of. You will learn that your comfort zone keeps expanding every time you get out of your comfort zone. You will learn to initiate contacts and approach people. You will learn to make things happen and even if you have no idea about something, you will learn about it in every way you can without doubt and without fear. Over and over, this becomes a habit. You will have built this boldness in you and will become used to getting out of your comfort zone


8. To Grow

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely at times. But if you make friends with other entrepreneurs in your community or even around the world, you will realize that there are so many talented and ambitious people out there. You’re not alone. You’re not on your own. And these people are more than happy to share with you their experiences, advice, and recommendations.

Suddenly, the world seems not so small anymore. There is a whole world out there waiting for you to discover, to learn, and to grow. The more you get immersed into the entrepreneur’s world and interact with other entrepreneurs, the more opportunities you will spot and the more driven you will become.

9. To Develop Confidence

Starting your own business takes guts. To be able to take a leap of faith in yourself and jump, you will have already gotten rid of your self-doubt. And on the process of working on your own business, you will become even more of a firm believer in “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.”

Most important of all, you will never hesitate to invest in yourself because it is the only thing that always multiplies and can never be taken away from you.